Father and Son από τον/την Florin Emil Ghebosu • 05/06/2018 21:02

Tufani, Romania. A little village from Dobrogea.

I walk around to see the traditional houses with decorated in vivid colour, hoping to find somebody who will see me as a friend, to exchange some words and take some pictures.

I am always the first one to say hello. Some of them are intimidated by the camera, thinking that I will be asking for money, but most of them are sociable. I carry some sweet treats with me, almost everytime. The kids are always happy about that.

I like to talk with them first and engage in conversation, so I have the time to look around for the right framing. While talking I am checking backgrounds, colours, textures, contrasts and so on.

Simple as that.


Father portrait. A slightly shy, but smiling man. He invited me to the house and showed me all the rooms. I told him I was studying in a school of photography and we were on a photo trip. While I was looking around for the most interesting backgrounds, we talked about the community problems they have with money and public services. 

One of his boys, the one I made his portrait, sneaked behind us. He was very shy but his fierce looks reminded me of my childhood.

One of the pleasures of portraying people is that I can relate my current state and memories with them.

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