An unexpected lunch από τον/την George Tatakis • 24/04/2018 12:35

Strolling around the beautiful village of Ano Potamia in Naxos island, along with a friend, we came past a house where you could hear traditional music coming from inside. We lingered for a few minutes to hear the music and a man came out of the house and saw us standing there. He talked to us and welcomed us in the village and brought some wine and some sausage to give us. The village, especially during the winter when we visited for the carnival, has only a few residents, so it is not common for the inhabitants to meet passers-by. After some chatting they told us they had a small gathering in the house, eating lunch, to which they invited us in. Of course, we obliged. 

We entered a small room, where a company of men was packed around a table, barely fitting in. They had wine and different bites, like sausages, chips, salad and game. Everything was so tasty. 

We had a great time and after a few glasses we continued our journey, as we had to go back to the capital of the island for the next traditional event of the carnival. 


This trip was made possible with the help of Blue Star Ferries.

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